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Minh Nguyen

Minh Nguyen

Location: US

Technology Skills: Docker, Angular, scikit-learn, tensorflow, statsmodels, GitHub, Jupyter

Languages: Python, SQL, TypeScript

Minh is a Data Scientist passionate about artificial intelligence and machine learning and their increasing impact on our world in the future. He has his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from DePauw University and his Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence from Boston University.

In our Lab, Minh stands out in particular as being constantly engaged in the discussions and project work, building a number of the top models we currently have, providing excellent analysis of models and data, and acted as our Product Owner for the second sprint where he put together a comprehensive and informative sprint report for the client.

  • Worked with time series data, changepoints, and drift detection.
  • Worked with FB Prophet, ARIMA, SARIMAX, and TreeRegressors on time series data.
  • Self-developed a drift detection method that is in use with the company.

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