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Revolutionizing Wholesale Capital Markets through AI-powered Digital Transformation


To lead the transition to AI-powered efficiency and revenue creation within the global Wholesale Capital Market industry.
Developing, deploying, and implementing functional AI-powered automation solutions within complex business processes.
We have developed a proprietary approach that blends AI-powered Technology with deep domain and enterprise data expertise.


Prospect 33 and Permion Unveil Landmark Partnership to Drive AI Innovation in Financial Services with Verifiable Generative AI

In a move set to transform the landscape of financial services, Prospect 33, a leader in integrating artificial intelligence methodologies, and Permion, a pioneer in verifiable high-risk critical decision-making AI technology, have announced a strategic partnership. This collaboration is designed to infuse the financial services sector with unprecedented levels of efficiency, trustworthiness, security, and scalability, leveraging the strengths of both organizations to bring about a new era of AI-driven innovation.

Our Approach

We deliver advanced analytics capabilities and digital business model solutions, which significantly elevate current business management practices and operating model design.​


  • Deep understanding of challenges faced by Banks undergoing digital transformation
  • Comprehensive approach to digital transformational change that sets us apart
  • Focus on understanding unique enterprise data, technology, and processing requriments to create tailored solutions
  • Proprietary methodology DaSMoDe™ delivers transformative results

AI and Machine Learning Model Development

  • AI & Machine Learning transforming the Wholesale Capital Markets sector
  • Expertise in developing innovative solutions that drive genuine transformation
  • Global Data Lab develops and tests solutions with DaSMoDe™
  • Change leadership guides clients through the development process


  • Supporting digital transformation with AI-powered solutions that reduce operational complexity, cost, and risk while meeting regulatory demands
  • DaSMoDe™: proprietary methodology that combines deep industry expertise with the latest in AI technology
  • Advanced analytics and digital solutions driving both AI-powered efficiencies and revenue growth

AI R&D for Capital Markets

  • Prospect 33’s Global Data Lab represents the most important AI & Data R&D Lab dedicated to the Wholesale Capital Markets industry
  • Building on our fifteen years of the Future Leaders Program, we’ve developed a group of dynamic and successful change leaders
  • Combining AI development with Enterprise Data and Transformation Changes capabilities
  • Our young, diverse, and dynamic team creates innovative solutions that set us apart

Contact us today to learn how we can help your organization succeed in the digital era.

Global Data Lab (GDL)

Embark on a transformative journey with our Global Data Lab, designed to revolutionize the way AI solutions are built and implemented for Capital Markets.  Our Lab ensures a seamless and effective integration of cutting-edge technologies into your business.

Our Great Team

Our great team is dedicated to helping our clients achieve their goals through the implementation of cutting-edge automation solutions, and are always seeking new ways to innovate and drive success for our clients. 

Tom Spouse


Dominic Lewinsohn

President, P33 Services

Garth Barker-Goldie

Non-Executive Director

Mark Clement

Global Head of AI Solutions

Ashley Rice

Head of Technology

Monica Bautista

Chief of Staff

Joshua Harvey, PhD

Lead Data Scientist

Carolyne Chege

Head of Africa Operations

Alastair Angus


Hylan Elias Kornfeld

Director, Data Strategy

Graham Baldock, PhD

Non-Executive Director


Prospect 33 is seeking exceptional individuals to join our dynamic team in revolutionizing the wholesale capital markets sector through the innovative application of AI/ML, enterprise data, and transformation management. 

We primarily hire data scientists, change and transformation experts, and seasoned enterprise data professionals. We believe that the future leadership of our industry will be comprised of people who are proficient in all three of these vocations. 

For data scientists, we require a Masters or PhD in Data Science, Statistics or Advanced Mathematics, and a high level of technical proficiency in these areas. We believe that advanced education and technical skills are essential in order to build a strong foundation in statistical and mathematical concepts and to work with complex data. Our proprietary methodology DaSMoDe ensures the highest level of accuracy and performance in our AI/ML models, making it an essential part of our approach to AI and machine learning model development.

For change leaders and transformation experts, we seek seasoned veterans who are experienced in mastering modern digital transformation methods. Our change leadership approach and expertise in enterprise data make us the ideal partner for clients looking to stay ahead of the curve in the digital transformation era. As part of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to work closely with AI/ML developers and data scientists to develop leading-edge solutions and drive innovation in the industry.

For seasoned enterprise data professionals, we’re seeking individuals who are passionate about ensuring accurate, well governed, and mastered data fit for purpose and ready to support the demands of a truly digital future.

As part of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and innovative environment and develop solutions that have a profound impact on the digitization of wholesale capital markets. If you’re ready to take your career to the next level and make a meaningful impact in the industry, we encourage you to join us at Prospect 33.


We are proud to deliver strategic work to large global financial institutions.


P33 Global Data Lab