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Michael Nganga

Michael Nganga

Location: Kenya

Technology Skills: Jupyter, GitHub, Keras, TensorFlow, CNN, RNNs, NLP

Languages: Python, SQL, Java, PHP

Michael is an IT Specialist with vast experience in technical support. He is highly proficient in systems analysis, troubleshooting, and problem-solving. Well-accomplished skills in windows and Linux systems administration, help desk administration as well as IT policy enforcement. Michael exhibits excellent communication and interpersonal skills, managing vendors and project teams; and ensuring project objectives are delivered on time and within budget. He is a resourceful team player who is adaptable in multicultural settings with outstanding capacity-building abilities in both nonprofit and for-profit sectors. 

In our Lab, Michael has provided in-depth analysis of attrition data and worked on a naive bayes model for attrition prediction.

  • Previous experience is largely in IT services and programming and is now making the career switch to data science

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