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Jeniffer Mukami Mariga

Jeniffer Mukami Mariga

Location: Kenya

Technology Skills: GCP, AWS, GitHub, Jupyter, Power BI, Tableau, Flask, Streamlit, pipeline orchestration, docker, kubernetes

Languages: Python, R, SQL

Jeniffer is a curiosity-driven data scientist who is passionate about statistics and computer science and uses these skills to solve various business problems by using machine learning, data mining, and other types of data analytics and data visualization tools such as R, Python, Spark, TensorFlow, Keras, Tableau, Hive, etc. She has experience in data analytics, data mining, and predictive modeling.

  • Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science from Kenyatta University
  • Higher Certificate in Internet Technology in Data Science from Explore Data Science Academy

In our Lab, Jeniffer has heavily contributed to the development of capacity planning models, specifically the SARIMAX, LSTM, and Prophet models.

  • Data mining, preprocessing, analysis, and hypothesis testing using advanced data analytics techniques.
  • Building machine learning models and deploying the models on remote instances.
  • Used data profiling and visualization techniques to communicate data information to technical and non-technical audiences at all levels.

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