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Hidayet Beyhan

Hidayet Beyhan

Location: UK

Technology Skills: Jupyter, GitHub, Tensorflow, scikit, Time Series Forecasting, dimensionality reduction, reinforcement learning, SPSS

Languages: Python, Matlab, R, SQL

Hidayet has vast experience in research and data analysis and has been responsible for courses where Machine Learning approaches are applied to business projects. He is highly skilled in using Python for data analysis combined with forecasting and machine learning. 

  • Currently pursuing his Doctor of Philosophy in Management from Istanbul Technical University
  • Master’s of Science in Accounting and Finance from Swansea University
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics from Eskisehir Osmangazi University
  • Currently working as a Researcher with the University of Liverpool

In our Lab, Hidayet has proven himself a researcher by providing key reports on data and models that have been developed and by helping with model optimizations.

  • Involved in research on multi-agent financial markets.
  • Developing a simulator to train reinforcement learning agents for intraday trading

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