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Bhavika Jain

Bhavika Jain

Location: Ireland

Technology Skills: Jupyter, GitHub, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, RabbitMQ, ELK Stack

Languages: Python, SQL

Bhavika is a Data Scientist experienced in Python, SQL, AWS, Tensorflow, NLP, Tableau, and Cloud SaaS technologies and working towards building a resilient and competent analytics-driven solution to fuel her zeal for problem-solving using data and decision intelligence.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Technology from NIT Jalandhar
  • Completed a Post Graduate Program from Plaksha Tech
  • Currently working as a Data Analytics Consultant at Abodoo Limited
  • Previously worked as a Product Consultant with Oracle

In our Lab, Bhavika was our second scrum master and took to the role effortlessly. She has done a significant amount of work with the attrition data and is pioneering most of the work and development done on that side of the project.

  • Designed technical solutions to collect and validate talent profile datasets, built scalable pipelines using technologies like Python, RabbitMQ, Jenkins, Docker Containers, Kubernetes, realised for 40K+ user profiles
  • Engineered BI platform on ELK Stack, integrated 4+ warehouses, 10K+ users, impacting over 15K+ end-users
  • Managed a team (2 developers, 1 designer) to design an ed-data analytics solution with iterative testing, defining skills demand and growth resulted in decreased institute’s enrolment marketing time by 63%

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