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Alexis Koko

Alexis Koko

Location: UK

Technology Skills: Jupyter, GitHub, Scikit, TensorFlow, Keras, NLTK, Seaborn

Languages: Python, SQL

Alexis is a Data Scientist with experience in collecting, cleaning, and arranging data for technical and non-technical users with a strong experience in Data Science, AI approaches, and business analysis. She is willing to use analytical expertise, leadership potential, and relationship-building ability to involve stakeholders at all levels and support data-driven decision-making. Alexis holds a Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science from the University of Hull.

In our Lab, Alexis took the first scrum master role for the initial sprint and ran those sessions with absolute efficiency despite not having done it before. She organized the stand ups, organized the issues and blockers, and resolved them as quickly as possible. She set an excellent example for future scrum masters. She also has done good work putting together analysis reports of both the data and models.

  • Developed strategies to reduce risks associated with decision-making for clients while boosting profitability by utilizing data science algorithms.
  • Developed algorithms for clients using Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning models for predictive maintenance.
  • Created data visualization graphics using pandas, matplotlib, and seaborn to translate complex data sets into comprehensive visual representations.


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