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Prospect 33 LLC Announces Ben Green as a Non-Executive Director

NEW YORK, NY – Prospect 33 is pleased to announce the appointment of Ben Green as a Non-Executive Director. Both a client and friend of the company for many years, Ben has been in talks since 2018 with Prospect 33’s CEO, Tom Spouse, to broaden the Prospect 33 Future Leaders Programme.

Under Ben’s strategic direction, the Programme has gone from strength to strength throughout 2019. Now, at the start of 2020, Prospect 33 is delighted with Ben’s successful progress in this role, and the positive trajectory of the future of the Programme.

The Programme continues to select and equip highly skilled individuals at the earlier stages of their careers with the tools to make a meaningful impact on Data in Financial Services.

In line with Prospect 33’s strategic focus on Data, Ben oversees the Programme’s four workstreams covering Data Analytics, Data Governance, Change Management, and Strategic Transformation.

Prospective Future Leaders are required to complete a rigorous bootcamp selection. Successful mentees are then invited to join the Programme and immediately commence workstreams with the rest of the cohort. In the past six months, around 50 individuals have gone through its Programme.

We see three major differentiators for Prospect 33’s Future Leaders Programme:

  1. Each workstream is delivered by a mentor, who is a subject matter expert in the field. Our mentors are dedicated to the success of the Future Leaders and continue to support the Future Leaders as they progress with their careers with Prospect 33.
  2. As well as the technical skills Future Leaders gain, real-world, practical assignments are completed during each workstream. In parallel, the future leaders complete a project that mirrors a real engagement for Prospect 33. The combination of the technical skills and the practical application positions the Future Leaders to be highly effective as they embark on assignments with Prospect 33’s clients.
  3. Prospect 33 does not charge for the Programme, instead preferring to leverage an Open Source philosophy to the manner in which the Programme is developed and provided. The net output is a far higher caliber of individuals who are driven by a strong sense of passion and ability with the subject.

When asked about his continued engagement with Prospect 33 in 2020, Ben stated, “I am very proud to be a part of the growth of the Future Leaders Program at Prospect 33. I have seen some amazing talent come through the program during 2019. It has been a fulfilling experience for me personally and I look forward to working with Tom, all the team at Prospect 33 and all the future leaders as we make 2020 an even greater success.”

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