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Prospect 33 Launches the Global Data Lab

NEW YORK, NY – Following the success of the Virtual Data Lab in 2020, Prospect 33 has expanded the remit and capabilities to support a global footprint.  The Global Data Lab (GDL) is built on the foundation of open-source Data Science platforms to build solutions for Financial Services.


Our core framework is built on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) while encompassing best-in-class solutions from providers such as Amazon AWS, Snowflake, Neo4j, and FinTech, RegTech, LegalTech & DataTech businesses. By ingesting openly available data and using AI to generate additional data, our environment matches what would be found in a typical investment bank’s architecture. We then use that to train and test models to solve problems around Client Data, Anti-Financial Crime (AFC), and Risk and Regulation real-time digitization.


Prospect 33’s Global Data Lab (GDL) builds solutions for Capital Markets, blending Intelligent Analytics with Deep Learning, NLP, and more traditional Machine Learning methods and models. The business plans to grow the GDL to over a thousand people by 2024 with a diverse global footprint.


“By Globalizing our Virtual Data Lab capability, Prospect 33 has significantly enabled its diverse and multinational team of data science experts to collaborate, ideate, and solution our Clients most difficult data and process challenges as they innovate and shift to more digital data-driven operating models,” said Garth Barker-Goldie, head of Digital Transformation for Prospect 33. Barker-Goldie, who joined Prospect 33 in 2020, formerly ran Global Operations for Nomura. He builds on a strong pedigree of experience gained over a 25-year career in Financial Services. 


The impact of AI has already entered the exponential growth curve, and yet Financial Services lags other industries by as much as a decade. Prospect 33’s mission is to accelerate the adoption of Digital & AI across Banking & Financial Services. By pioneering solutions in the GDL, Prospect 33 provides thought leadership, planning and cost-effective solution implementation.


“The track record within financial services for Data Science projects has been tragic, with most of them having failed. Building on our 15-year track record of successfully delivering strategic change initiatives, we blend our deep domain knowledge, expert project management with AI and Data Science to cross-fertilize our people with the necessary experience and toolkit to deliver complex AI solutions. ” said Tom Spouse, CEO & Founder of Prospect 33.


P33 Global Data Lab