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Prospect 33 partners with Aker Systems to provide financial institutions the capability to build and operate ultra-secure, high performance data infrastructure in the public cloud

New York, NY – As part of growing its Digital Transformation practice, Prospect 33 has partnered with Aker Systems Limited, an ultra-secure Public Cloud infrastructure provider. This partnership enables Aker Systems to accelerate the adoption of its innovative cloud solutions, by financial services institutions, in pursuit of their shift to data driven business models. Concrete use cases include acceleration of cloud-first strategies, eliminating data silos and enabling data to be shared efficiently and securely to support rapidly scaling digital services. 

“Volumes of data continue to grow exponentially. Financial institutions who are not fully data enabled in the Public Cloud  are at serious risk of being left behind. Aker Systems allows our clients to put their data to work in a trusted, ultra-secure and hyper-efficient cloud data infrastructure for better data driven business outcomes.” says Garth Barker-Goldie, Head of Digital Transformation, Prospect 33.


Aker’s background is in building government classified systems and operating ultra secure, highly scalable, real time data platforms in the Public Cloud, principally in the areas of Law Enforcement and National Security. Following a Private Equity investment in 2020, Aker now delivers its government grade security technology into the Financial Services sector.


There are two principal barriers to the transition of critical systems to the Public Cloud: The first is a reluctance to move highly sensitive systems and data due to a perception that Public Cloud security cannot equal or exceed that of on-premise. The second barrier is ensuring organisation-wide availability of data efficiently, securely, and in real time with capabilities to address challenges such as data lineage and sovereignty. Aker addresses these challenges with its solutions.


Aker solution benefits include:


  • Government grade security with all security cleared staff
  • Unlocking sensitive data from legacy systems
  • Accelerating deployment times
  • Eliminating manual configuration errors
  • Mission critical scalability and resilience
  • Integrating into client environment and governance
  • Significant TCO benefits

“Aker Systems is delighted to have partnered with Prospect 33. Their global expertise, excellent reputation and superb relationships will ensure Aker’s innovative offerings are available to the broader Financial Services sector. This allows Prospect 33 clients to benefit from our ultra-secure, highly-scalable environments and data infrastructure solutions in the Public Cloud.” says Adam Fawsitt, Founder & Director of Aker Systems.

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