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Prospect 33 Welcomes Garth Barker-Goldie to lead the firm’s Digital Transformation practice

NEW YORK, New York – Prospect 33 is pleased to announce the appointment of Garth Barker-Goldie as a Non-Executive Director and head of Digital Transformation.

Prospect 33’s Data & Digital Transformation practice provides strategic advisory services and data science implementation capabilities to financial institutions in realizing their digital business model ambitions. By leveraging Prospect 33 extensive expertise across the entire data lifecycle and its deep domain knowledge, the practice drives digital transformation through data-driven and intelligent process re-engineering solutions, leveraging data science, AI, ML, and cutting edge FinTech, alongside incumbent technology and infrastructure.

“As our industry makes the transition to a digital future, we aim to lead the space by combining our extensive expertise driving change management initiatives over the past fifteen years in banking and financial services with a market leading AI integration capability. Garth’s role within Prospect 33 is critical to aligning our interests at the Board and CxO level with our customers on an Advisory capacity. I am personally very excited by the opportunities that lie ahead, and am both delighted and honored to have Garth joining our Board.” says Tom Spouse.

Garth is a Senior Operations Leader with a proven track record of managing large scale, complex banking operations, including the Global Head of Wholesale Operations at Nomura, EMEA Head of Operations at Lehman Brothers, and Global Head of Fixed Income Operations at JP Morgan Chase. He has a track record of turning around non-performing functions and implementing strategic target operating models and achieving ‘best in class’ cost-per trade results. He is passionate about leveraging data science to enable strategic and innovative digital transformation, especially where business efficiency has been hindered by organizational complexity, as organizations seek to transform and drive intelligent automation, AI, and autonomy in an evolving digital economy.

As a Non-Executive Director for Prospect 33, Garth’s focus is to develop and lead the Digital Advisory practice, while supporting complex engagements around AI & Data Science. Based in the UK, Garth will also lead the UK and European practice of Prospect 33.

On his new role with the company, Garth stated, “I’m excited to be working with Tom and the Board of Prospect 33, and especially with our clients. These are exciting times, and those organizations at the forefront of transforming legacy business processes into data-driven and data-enabled business models leveraging data science, ML, and AI solutions will be best positioned to succeed in today’s digital environment. Together with Prospect 33, I look forward to helping our clients achieve their digital transformation ambitions.”

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