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Prospect 33 was founded in Washington, D.C. and established a solid reputation in Technology in Financial Services (FS).
Pivoted from Technology and became the leading tier-2 consultancy in Regulatory Change in FS.
Business focus pivot to Data Change in FS. Launched the Global Data Lab.
Established a Data & Digital Consultancy practice leading in financial services. Acquired RegTech consultancy, 8of9.

What We Do

Prospect 33 provides strategic advisory services and execution capabilities to Financial Institutions in realizing their Digital Business Model ambitions. We enable strategic and innovative Digital Operating Models and Processed solutions where business efficiency has been hindered by organizational complexity. 

Our ambition is to become the leading Digital Solutions provider for Financial Institutions (FIs) by delivering advanced analytics capabilities and digital business model solutions, which significantly elevate current business management practices and operating model design.

We believe the the fastest way for FIs to innovate is through data enablement, leveraging evolving FinTech’s and Micro-services and Infusing Data Science capabilities and intelligent automation, alongside legacy infrastructure, process, and people.


How We Do It

We align your digital ambitions with automation strategies by combining Data, Business processes, Technology transformation initiatives. We assess your current operational status, understand your desired outcomes and objectives, propose innovative solutions and options, and deliver intelligent execution capability. 

Our core focus is on domains where past business efficiency has been out paced by process complexity, and where future business competitiveness is data driven.

Our Product Development Road- Map is informed by:

  • Business practices which can be significantly elevated through data driven operating models, ML and AI, and the use of Advanced Data Analytics in decision making
  • Solutions which are also extensible, beyond single entities, to solve multi entity, cross industry issues

Our focus is not just Regulatory Compliance but also Risk, Control and Audit management, supporting Revenue growth, Cost and Efficiency management and evolving business practice like ESG readiness.

We are specialize in delivering digital solutions, using intelligent process reengineering solutions and automation strategies to deliver advanced data analytics which are operationalized into decision making processes.

Throughout engagements, Prospect 33 provides thought-leadership and ideation, objective opinions, and independent points of view, domain expertise, and industry perspective to support the solution. We can join internal committees and lead working groups and assume plan ownership as asked. Prospect 33 has a network of domain experts in Data and Data Science, FinTech and Infrastructure, Operations, Finance, Risk, and Transformation.

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