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October 2022 Data Science Bootcamp

There is no doubt that banking and financial services represent the most complex data & domain environment in existence today. Due to a lost decade brought on by the financial crisis in 2008, today’s banks are only now beginning their data journey. Over the coming decade, the sector will change inexorably. The challenges of helping achieve this change will be led by an elite group of data experts who start their careers over this period. 

Prospect 33’s Global Data Lab will give you the opportunity to take a deep dive into the full project life cycle and work in this complex domain & data environment to gain real-world experience and critical domain knowledge. This is not your typical training course; this is a real-world project training environment designed to overcome the critical challenge of preparing a group of junior data experts to become the leaders of tomorrow. 

Our program combines our deep domain knowledge with real-world data science solutions in an immersive three-month program. You will still have instructional sessions and mentors to lean on, however, the primary focus will be on a project that is a piece of a larger whole and defined at the time of the cohort’s start. 

You will be working on something that has not yet been done in the industry. We work directly with our clients to find a project that can drive the industry forward and lead to innovation. You won’t have to work on those canned, boring projects like customer churn predictions; this is uncharted territory where you won’t be working on anything that you’d be able to find in another program. Our goal is to show the client what is possible, and through that demonstrate your skills and value to them so that they will hire you to help them realize the full solution in their environment.

Apply now to take part in our Introductory Bootcamp Day and continue to a full 3-month project. Successful graduates will become full members of our exclusive Global Data Lab, where you can continue to pursue projects or leverage connections to help in your future roles.



  • Gain insider knowledge into a complex industry with intricate data

  • Use the foundational data science skillset, such as SQL, python, and pandas, to solve problems around AML & KYC

  • Experience common tools for ETL, data warehousing, and data governance

  • Practice using different models and feature engineering methods to solve real-world problems 


  • Plan, lead, and execute large change initiatives in our simulated environment

  • Strategically implement end-to-end data management solutions

  • Experience real-world agile software development

  • Take a deep dive into the full project life cycle


  • Become a data expert in the most complex data environment

  • Mentored by industry leaders and subject matter experts

  • Boost your resume with valuable project experience and a client-led project that will demonstrate your knowledge of the financial services

Prospect 33 is the leading project consultancy in the Capital Markets and Investment Banking sector today. 


After the introductory Bootcamp day, the program will continue for an additional 13 weeks during which you will have learning sessions alongside project work. The project work will be done in an agile manner, specifically leveraging scrum. You will explore the financial services industry as a whole and learn about the ongoing data initiatives in major financial institutions. You will research and present on multiple topics as well as gain insider knowledge into this complex industry and its intricate data environment. You will plan, lead, and execute a large change program. You will also work with your peers and mentors to build a viable proof of concept (POC) for machine learning software to solve issues that our clients are facing right now. 


  • A master’s degree in Data Science, Data Engineering, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Computer Science, or other related fields OR an equivalent combination of education and experience or other credible Data Science Bootcamps
  • If your degree is not in a program that is related to data science then you must have significant data science project experience and/or 2 years of relevant work experience
  • Must be strongly capable with SQL & Python (and relevant libraries)
  • Time to dedicate to a 1-day Bootcamp from 0830-1400 EST
  • Time to dedicate to the program (roughly 10-15 hours per week)