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Bootcamp 33 – Data Science in Financial Services Bootcamp

Bootcamp 33 – Data Science in Financial Services Bootcamp

Type: Full-Time
Primary Location: New York, New York, US
Education: Bachelor’s Degree

Job Description

Are you a skilled Data Scientist looking to Fast Track your career? Is your lack of real-world experience holding you back from getting the job you graduated for? Our clients are looking for Data Scientists with deep domain experience to reinvent the way banks handle, manage, model, and analyze their data. 

There can be no doubt that banking and financial services represent the most complex data & domain environment in existence today. Due to a lost decade brought on by the financial crisis in 2008, today’s banks are only now starting their data journey. Over the coming decade the sector will change inexorably. The challenges of helping achieve this change will be led by an elite group of data scientists who start their careers over this period. 

Bootcamp 33 will give you the opportunity to take a deep dive into the full project life cycle and work in this complex domain & data environment. You will gain real-world experience and gain critical domain knowledge. This is not a training course; this is a real-world project training environment designed to overcome the critical challenge of preparing a group of junior data scientists to become the Future Leaders of tomorrow. 

Our program combines our deep domain knowledge with real-world data science solutions in an immersive three month program. During the project, you will work in our simulated cloud environment using the latest big data and data science tools and techniques to help solve real-world problems.

Successful graduates from our program become members of our exclusive group of Prospect 33 Future Leaders, acknowledged across the world as being the best career accelerator in the industry of financial services.

Take our preliminary quiz to test if you have what it takes to attend and request a spot in Bootcamp 33 here!


Expand your capabilities in this intensive 2-day bootcamp that will give you real insight into the Financial industry and complexities of this market. We will give you a 360° perspective of what it is like to work as a Data Scientist in the Financial Services industry today. Hear from leading industry experts, meet other like-minded individuals, and ultimately determine if you have what it takes to be the best of the best.


Successful participants from the Immersion Bootcamp will be invited to enter our project immersion training program. This program was specifically designed to enhance your data knowledge, get real project experience, and accelerate your career. 

Over the course of the 3 months, you will be immersed in deep domain exercises. You will explore the financial services industry as a whole and learn about the ongoing data initiatives in major financial institutions. You will research and present on multiple topics as well as gain insider knowledge into this complex industry and its intricate data environment. You will plan, lead, and execute a large change program. You will also work with your peers and mentors to build a viable proof of concept (POC) for machine learning software to solve Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Client (KYC) issues that financial institutions are facing right now. 




  • Gain insider knowledge into a complex industry with intricate data

  • Use the foundational data science skill set, such as SQL, python, and pandas, to solve problems around AML & KYC

  • Experience common tools for ETL, data warehousing, and data governance

  • Practice using different models and feature engineering methods to solve real-world problems 


  • Plan, lead and execute large change initiatives in our simulated environment

  • Strategically implement end-to-end data management solutions

  • Experience real-world agile software development

  • Take a deep dive into the full project life cycle


  • Become a data expert in the most complex data environment

  • Mentored by industry leaders and subject matter experts

  • Boost your resume with valuable project experience and an AI software solution to Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Anti-Financial Crime (AFC), Know Your Client (KYC), and the complex matter of Client Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Prospect 33 is the leading project consultancy in the Capital Markets and Investment Banking sector today. 


Job Requirements

Bootcamp Attendees will have:

  • A master’s degree in Data Science, Data Analytics, Business Analytics, Computer Science, or other related fields OR an equivalent combination of education and experience or other credible Data Science Bootcamps

  • If not in a program that is specifically related to data science then you must have significant data science project experience and/or 2 years of relevant work experience

  • Must be strongly capable with SQL, Python and associated Data Science libraries

  • Time to dedicate to a 2-day Bootcamp that requires attendance for the entirety of both days 0830-1330 EST

  • Time to dedicate to the programme should you be successful at Bootcamp (8-12 hours per week)


Other Bootcamps are oriented toward teaching Data Science. Our program assumes that you have that knowledge. We have a high regard for some of the other programs out there, but (from what we’ve seen) none of the other programs out there (excellent as some are) even attempt to tackle the issues we focus on. 

We passionately believe that the only way to be an expert data scientist is to have a deep understanding of the domain environment in which you work.

In Banking and Finance, this is more essential than in any other industry due to the complex nature of the highly regulated and massively broad spectrum of domain skills that make up the industry. In Capital Markets and Investment Banking, especially, Client Lifecycle, IBOR, Derivatives and Structured Financial Products, Trade Lifecycle, Compliance, and Risk are just a few of the areas to understand. 

We focus on teaching you these essential skills and do so in the most productive way possible by running a real project to help solve real-world problems.  Over the course of our 3-month program, you will be educated on a broad spectrum of essential domain matters to ensure that you have a thorough understanding of the sector and are well prepared for your career in the industry. 

This is not a data science course. We will not teach you the fundamentals of data science. You should know that already.

For those who do, we will make you a productive and well rounded professional with the right skills and knowledge to get your career started with confidence.

Prospect 33 is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. We are a diverse and inclusive company. Great talent is always welcome at Prospect 33 regardless of background, ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious views, or even political views.

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