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Maria James

Maria James

Location: UK

Technology Skills: Tensorflow, Keras, HuggingFace, NLTK, data mining, time series analysis, statistical inferences, Jupyter, GitHub

Languages: Python, SQL

Maria is a passionate statistician with a love for statistical and data analyses. 

  • Master’s in Big Data Analytics From University of Derby
  • Master’s Degree in Statistics from Madras University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from MG University

In our Lab, in addition to taking the role of Project Owner to guide our development during Sprint 3, Maria has also shown to be very adept at quickly iterating and building quality and easily interpretable models, a few of which are currently among our top performing models. She is very active in discussions and is able to communicate her ideas effectively.

  • Worked extensively with linear regression, classification algorithms like naive bayes, KNN, and decision trees for accident prevention in New York
  • Also experienced with unsupervised clustering via K-means.
  • Performed NLP with deep learning algorithms like CNN, RNN, LSTM, and transformers.

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